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  7" Swirl Glass Vases  

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Micki as a cute puppy

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​A bill has been approved by the U.S. House Rules Committee that would allow dogs tp ride on Amtrak trains under certain circumstances. Read more at:

The sisters enjoy a wagon ride.

"Best Friends"  5-1/2" Treat Jar 

​              Can be personalized 

           "Mac's Cold Nose"  Wine Glasses

Available all year

MacTavish (MackieT) was the inspiration for my painting Scotties. Mac is my "Signature Scottie" who appears on much of my artwork. He loved playing in the snow and especially loved his snacks! Everything was "all about Mac".

Thanks to all of the special people who purchased Tommy's Heart items which helped Tommy's medical bills and afterwards donated to his Cure Canine Cancer fund at the Morris Animal Foundation.

Micki Moose Edward 

Micki is our friend who lives in Pennsylvania with his parents Jennifer & Ed.

My friend was lucky enough to acquire this little guy from a person in Ohio who had a litter of puppies.

The girls and I first met Micki when he was a few months old. He was quite active and a little devil! Caileigh & Sissy didn't quite know what to make him! 

Micki is so adorable and is quite spoiled. 

​Love you Micki!

Little did we know that our Caileigh Ann had a younger sister who lived close by and not far from where I had worked.

When the girls met in the Summer of 2012, it was like they knew each other forever! 

Caileigh and Mandee continued to get together at the park, for dog walks, and for Christmas and birthday gift exchange.

Mandee is a doll!  She and Caileigh were so much alike. Although CaiIeigh is now a Scottie Angel, I still keep in touch with Mandee. I am so happy I met Mandee and her parents Deb & Dave!

Caileigh's Kingdom

Mac's Place 

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Tommy's Heart 

Welcome to The Scottie Zone!

All Scottie designs are my original artwork. I hand-paint all of my glass items with enamel, then each piece is baked. 

If you are interested in my glass, please contact me for current pricing, additional photos or to place an order.

​​Special orders and personalized     items upon request.

~ Sandra Maroney

Mac's Cold Nose Treat Jars

 Need Special Gifts For Your Next Scottie Event?

 Scottie Designs by Sandra Can Help! 

Hot Weather Tips for Your Pets

Caileigh Ann loved her home and the outdoors. She was quite the hunter and loved snooping around the yard. Caileigh was the Queen of her kingdom.  

Caileigh's Kingdom items features Caileigh's favorite places and things. Sometimes flowers may be larger than life - it's a Scottie's world so they can make it be anything they want it to be.

Special Merchandise 

Red, White, and Stemless Wine Glasses are available with many flower designs. Stemmed Ice Tea Glasses are also available. 

3" Optic Glass Votive/Tealight Candle Holder - Assorted Flowers

Top Ten Pet Toxins for 2016

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* Holiday items will be listed in the Fall.

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Pink Ribbon Scottie Votive Candle Holder 

1. Human Prescription Medications - Topping out this year’s list after a one-year hiatus, human prescription medications accounted for nearly 17% of all cases at the APCC. The types of medication to which animals were most often exposed correlate with the most popular medications prescribed to humans, including heart medications, antidepressants and ADHD medications. Pet parents should always maintain the utmost care when handling and storing these and other potentially poisonous products around the APCC (Animal Poison Control Center). 

2. OTC Medications - Ibuprofen was the most called about

3. Human Foods - Onions, Garlic, Raisins, Grapes and Alcohol

4. Veterinary Products - Joint Supplements which are made to taste good tempts the pet to eat the entire package

5. Household Items - Paint, Glue, Cleaning Supplies

6.  Chocolate - From Brownies to Candy Bars dogs love chocolate! Keep out of their reach.

7. Insecticides - If label directions are not followed, these can be very dangerous to pets

8. Rodenticides -  Rodent poisons can be as toxic to pets as the rodents they are meant to kill

9. Plants - This includes Indoor, Outdoor and Bouquets 

10. Garden Products - Herbicides, Fungicides and Ferilizers.

If you have any reason to suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24 hour hotline at (888) 426-4435


The Western New York & PA Scottie Group 

In 2016 our Western NY & PA Scottie group was formed. We have a great group of people and their Scotties. Our events include a Christmas party, lunch get-togethers and this year will be our first Scottie picnic. 

Here's a look at our Scottie crew:

Caisey (NY) 

Duncan (NY)

Maggie (NY)

Mandee (NY) 

Maxwell (NY) 

McKenna (NY)

Tolkein (NY)

Burton (PA)

​Claire (PA)

Mac's 4-3/4 oz. Rocks Glasses /pair                           Spring & Summer or Fall & Winter designs.

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,

It comes from the love

in my dogs eyes." 

- unknown

A limited quantity of 5-1/2" Tommy's Heart Candy Dishes & 2-3/4" Tommy Tealights candle holders are still available.