Scottie Paws Forever


Teddy now lives on Cape Cod, MA. Besides a loving mom and dad, Teddy also has a Scottie rescue sister named Lilly. He's such a lucky boy!


Elliott crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2015 after a battle with cancer. I did not know Elliott, but he looks like a nice guy who enjoyed life in the Sunshine State! 

Caileigh Ann

Rescued from a Cold Dirty Garage

March 2005 - We found this poor little girl in a cold, dirty garage filled with lawn chemicals. She was so sad looking, malnurished and had a broken rib. How could she be starving when there was a huge bag of dog food in the garage? How did she get the broken rib? We were told she may have been kicked by a horse. Her parents were filthy and ungroomed; the father lived in the barn with horses. 

MacTavish snubbed her and I was looking for the perfect "Bonnie Doon." I said "Let's look elsewhere", but my husband refused to leave without her. The young girl said if we don't take "it", somebody else will. IT! She called that little girl an "IT", plus she actually asked for $250! She had no right to breed dogs, especially Scotties. She was clueless about Scotties and their health issues. I asked for a health guarantee, she just wrote something on a piece of paper. 

Caileigh was a lucky girl to come home with us. I can't believe I almost walked away from her. She turned out to be PERFECT!

Harry was a great guy who we met at the STCGNY Rescue show in October 2013. He lived in New Jersey with his mom Maryanne. Harry

crossed the rainbow bridge in January 2015.

​You are greatly missed Harry.

My Wonderful Scotties















Caileigh Ann



Our Black Lab

You are all dearIy missed and still loved very much. You had made my life complete.

Harry Winston 

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Maggie is a sweet little girl. She was adopted from the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue by Pat and Rich. 

Maggie had been in a shelter in Ohio after being seized from an unsuitable home with another dog, when she came into rescue. Once finding her forever home in Western New York, she has been very loved and very spoiled. Maggie has a great wardrobe and has become quite the Scottie fashionista!

Friends We Remember...

Every Once In A While

A Dog Enters Your Life And Changes Your World Forever.

Maggie Mae

Scotties Whose Dreams Have Come True


Sissy has been quite a challenge and still continues to be a work in progress. She has been seen at Cornell University by a behavior specialist. Sissy continues on medication and training for her conditions. 

Sissy's Dream Came True...


Sissy has a loving family and had a big Scottie sister who love her for who she is. She has a wonderful home, her own bowls, many toys and beds, and gets to travel, which she loves to do. Sissy is enjoying the freedom of running free in her yard. She learned so much from Caileigh, who was more of a mother figure to Sissy than a big sister. Now that Caileigh has crossed the rainbow bridge, Sissy is on her own. 

Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams? 

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Perhaps they are not

Stars in the Sky,

but rather openings

where our Loved Ones shine down

to let us know

they are Happy.


We all have them...and I'm sure Scotties do too! 

Some Scotties may dream of being the King or Queen of their home.

Other Scotties who were not so fortunate may dream of...

Love and affection, a home off the street, a warm bed to sleep in and food to eat.

We lost MacTavish suddenly on the evening of July 26, 2009 at the age of 9-1/2. To this day, we still don't have the answer why he died. MacTavish was my best friend and my little soul mate. I miss him dearly and my love for him lives on.                           

MacTavish's Dream Came True...

Mac lived the charmed life. He was the King of the house, who always got his way. He was very spoiled - everything was about Mac.

MacTavish was the shining star in my life and always will be. But now he's a different star - a star shining bright in the constellation Draco. He is one Scottie who's paws have touched my life forever. 


Caileigh's Battle...

Caileigh fought her battle against liver disease with elevated liver enzymes, liver nodules, a mass in her liver and right adrenal gland which was enlarged at the caudal pole. She was a patient at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, New York for close to 3 years and was a participant in the Scottish Terrier liver study. Twice a year Caileigh went to Cornell for an exam and ultra sound. Results of her ultrasound in April 2015, was largely unchanged from her November 2014 visit; her liver condition remained stable.

In mid-July 2015 Caileigh was diagnosed with TCC (bladder cancer) in an area which was inoperable. She started on Piroxicam every other day and had two chemo treatments. Her white blood cell count dropped down to zero. She developed cholyestitis and was hospitalized for 6 days. We thought we were going to lose her, but she stayed Scottie strong. Once home, she received antibiotics and medications for 30 days. For 2-1/2 months she was unable to receive treatment for her TCC - the tumor grew and another one developed. She was started back on Piroxicam but she developed a UTI with e-coli. Caileigh was now doing well and her bloodwork results on the morning of November 16, 2015 were the best she had in a long time.  That same day at 3:30 in the afternoon, Caileigh passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We are still deeply heartbroken and ask the question - why? We love her so much and miss her dearly - our beautiful Angel. 

  • Caileigh's DNA is stored at Cornell University to be used for research which could someday help other dogs and humans.    

Mulligan is an adorable little guy who lives in New Jersey with his mom Maryanne.

Mully came into the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue missing much of his hair. He was treated for his condition and now has a beautiful coat of black hair. 

Thanks to Maryanne's adoption, Mully is living a charmed life by the beach!


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Rescued from a Seizure

How could you not love a face like this? 

Scottie rescue Buddy is a lucky to now have a great mom named Laurie, who loves him very much.  He also has a little Cocker Spaniel friend named Ethel and gets to vacation on Cape Cod, MA!  Way to go Buddy!

Burton was adopted from the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York. He is originaly from Buffalo, NY and now lives in Western PA with his mom Debbie. Burton is a great Scottie and he now gets to do fun things like dress for Halloween! 


Jake was our friend from Pennsylvania and a very handsome Scottie. He  

earned his championship in just one year. Jake had Cushing's Disease and 

crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2014. He is missed by his parents Jen & Ed and his friends here in New York. 


MacTavish suffered from Scottie Cramp at the age of 7 weeks, but that we could live with. When he was 5-1/2 years old, something changed.

While vacationing in Vermont, we took a ride to the local market. MacTavish and Caileigh were always with us. In the parking lot at the store, Mac started acting strange, nudging my husband's arm as if something was wrong. His body stiffened, he was panting and seemed "far away". We had no idea what was happening to him. We we hysterical. My husband ran into the store for a bottle of water as I rubbed Mac's head and tried to calm him. We rubbed the water on his face and head to cool him. The seizure didn't last long, but it seemed like an eternity. That was just the beginning. 

When MacTavish became too excited, he no longer cramped, he had a seizure. I carried diazepam (valium) for Mac when we traveled. How often did the seizures happened? I had seen Caileigh nudge him, as if to bring him around. How many seizures did she see him have? Seizures are very frightening. Mac's seizures were not caused by any medical condition.

Brody was a handsome 13 yr. old Scottie who enjoyed life in Florida with Elliott. Brody had elevated liver and pancreas levels. I was saddened when I heard he crossed the rainbow bridge this fall 2016. 


Molly was a very pretty girl who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2014. I found out she was related to my Caileigh Ann, but we never got to meet her.

I wish we did. Molly crossed the rainbow bridge in September 2014. 

Sissy a.k.a. Caisey 

Rescued from a Home Breeder

Caileigh's Dream Came True...

​​​Caileigh Ann loved the outdoors and loved to hunt. She had a huge yard and ran free to do as she pleased. She chased the squirrels and bunnies and watched the deer. Caileigh was smart, sensitive, and beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better girl. She would have been 11 years old on January 3, 2016. She was our dream come true and now has a star named after her in the constellation Casseopia (the Queen).


Teddy was found on the streets of Buffalo, NY by a caring woman. He was so matted and full of hair it was difficult to see he was even a Scottie. He was transfered down state to the STCGNY Rescue. 

We acquired Sissy from a home breeder in Ohio, after learning from the STCGNY Rescue that there were three Scotties needing homes. The family was hoping to find homes without putting the Scotties in rescue.  After

seeing pictures of the three Scotties, I decided to meet Sissy. A few weeks after the meeting, I decided to take her home. I picked her up where we first met; a parking area in New York about an hour from my home. Sissy was very scared - it was obvious she was never socialized. She was also 2-1/2 years old and never been to a Vet. I felt very bad for her. ​

The following day at 7 am, Sissy slipped her collar and ran away. The search began. Caileigh tagged along for a while, but it was a hot summer day and too hot for Caileigh to be walking. I searched our yard and the surrounding woods, searched the neighbors' yards, drove around the area, and talked to people, but no one saw Sissy. Where was she? When my husband arrived home from work, he joined the search. Sissy was spotted in the vineyards close to a mile away. She kept running from us - boy she was fast! I believe we caught her only because she was near exhaustion and couldn't run any more. It was now 9 pm.

Thank you to the neighbors who helped in the search and rescue of Sissy.