April 30, 2010. Our Journey Begins...

​It was a beautiful sunny day when Caileigh and I left Connecticut to pick up Tommy. We had attended a family wedding the previous day and picking up Tommy on out way home made perfect sense. It would be an additional 6 hours to home once we picked up Tommy, so I decided we'd drive a couple hours then spend the night before heading home. Tommy was going to be an adjustment for all of us, so a good night's sleep would do us good.

Caileigh had joined me in the front seat, leaving Tommy to ride alone in the back. Let's see......we were on the road about 10 minutes when I hear a metal container being crushed by the jaws of a Scottie. "Tommy drop the cake" I screamed. I pulled off the road and took it away. So much for the wedding cake.

Finally on the thruway and it's rush hour in Albany. Oh great! Tommy steps on the button, window goes down and he's hanging out at 70 mph. "Get down, what are you crazy? Get down." I definately did not need the stress and neither did Tommy. He's been through enough and so have I.  We arrived home uneventfully the next day. 

It was quite  a transition for all of us, especially Caileigh. It was 9 months since we lost MacTavish and I never expected another Scottie to be in our lives, well maybe not this soon. MacTavish was my shining star and I missed him so much. I did this for Caileigh. I thought she needed a friend.

I wondered, "Will I ever be able to love Tommy?" A  few weeks later, Caileigh

accepted him with open paws, my husband and I fell in love with him, and it seemed like he had always been a part of our lives. Now, I just couldn't imagine life without him. He was the greatest!

Many challenges came with adopting Tommy: 

  • Tommy did not respond to his name for quite some time. He was named Tommy by Scottie Rescue. What's his real name? Who knows? We tried calling him Angus, Scottie, Mac. No response. We thought he was deaf. We would always sing, "Tommy can you hear me?" 
  • He never barked: We thought he couldn't speak either. Once he realized he was getting two meals a day and was hungry, he let us know he could speak. Sometimes he would even jump around or nudge your leg for his dinner. 
  • He was afraid of our yard: For a while, he would not go off the porch alone. I guess he was more accustomed to sirens than birds. Life in the country seemed scary to Tommy!  

It took a while for Tommy to adjust. Once he did there was no stopping him. No doubt about it. Tommy Ruled! 

How well did Tommy adjust?

  • Open the door...he would go outside.
  • On the porch...he would sit in a chair.
  • Off the porch...he would roam around his yard, explore, follow Caileigh's pawprints to see what she found. He didn't want to miss a thing! He even learned to kick up the turf!
  • Say the word ride...he'd be waiting at the vehicle door. He just loved going for a ride.

Tommy stayed in the unfenced yard without a leash. Why would he run away from the perfect life? Yes, Tommy had adjusted quite nicely to his new home and his perfect life. He just loved it here! We let him do whatever he wanted to do. We

hoped he had forgotten the streets of Phillie and his former life. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow...it will be better than before...yesterday's gone."

How lucky could we get?
Tommy was very smart and very well-behaved.  To have a dog from the streets come into your home so well behaved was wonderful. He was a happy go lucky and laid-back little guy. Tom and Caileigh got along wonderfully. What more could you ask for? He was the coolest dog you could ever meet. Tom loved everybody and everybody loved Tom. Tommy was a dream come true!

How old was Tommy?
No one knew for sure. I was told he was 3-1/2 to 5 years old, but the doctors who met Tom said 7 to 9 years old. I absolutely did not want a Scottie older than Caileigh, because I felt it would be unfair for her to suffer another loss. She's only 6-1/2 years old and suffered enough losing Mac. But I guess age didn't really matter all that much because we would love him no matter hold old he was.

March 20, 2011...
Happy Birthday Tom! 

We celebrated with a birthday party and decided he would be 8 years old. I chose the first day of Spring because Spring signifies rebirth, a new beginning. It was a new beginning for Tommy.     

​His life here was a new beginning for all of us. Tommy was a happy-go-lucky little guy. I don't know who was happier that he was with us - me or Tommy.

No matter what his age we decided...

  • Tommy is a great guy
  • Tommy is a good egg
  • Oh yes, and let's not forget...Tommy has "Lots of Personality!"

Tommy has allergies, seasonal allergies. The day I adopted him he had discharge in both eyes. Everything down state was blooming. 

Tom was always rubbing his head & eyes on the bottom of the sofa, licking and biting his paws. At his initial exam with his new Vet, I was given eye drops for Tom. He wasn't too found of the eye drops, and I wasn't too fond of him biting those paws. Tommy took 25mg of Benadryl every 8 to 12 hours as needed.

His allergies included:

  • discharge in his eyes
  • scratching his ears
  • occasional sneezing
  • constant licking and biting his paws

Tom would jump out of bed between 2 am and 4 am to rub his head and eyes.

I always hoped it was the allergies and nothing else bothering him.

Food - Food - Food.

- Tommy loved all food - he would eat anything.     The first few weeks with us he would eat dry leaves. Maybe that's how he survived living on the streets of Phillie. Leaves and hot pretzels!


Love is a four-legged word.

- Tommy was full of love and he loved life. He knew he could get his way whenever he looked at you with his loving eyes. We fell for it every time!


Life is ruff. Find a family to love.

- Tommy's absolute favorite thing - his family and his new home. 

     Hi! My name is Tommy and I'm a rescued Scottish Terrier. I'm not quite sure how it all happened, but I was lost on the streets of Philadelphia. I could have been out there for days or weeks, I'm not really sure. One thing I do know, I was really hungry. I was a real mess too - my hair was long and matted and I probably smelled pretty bad.  

     A nice lady picked me up and when no one claimed me, I was taken to Scottie Rescue

where I received a nice grooming and food! Yes food! I lived at a foster home in lower New York State where I had a really good foster mom who treated me well. I was so happy to be off the streets and have a nice place to sleep and real food to eat.

     Then one day a lady and her Scottie named Caileigh came to visit. They wanted to adopt another guy, but Caileigh didn't like him very much. Now it was my turn. I was excited! Maybe I'll have a new home. I ran right over to the nice lady and sat by her side. I looked up at her and asked with my eyes "Are you my new mom?". How could she resist this face? But they left without me. ​

Favorite Photos

Scottie Paws Forever

Tommy celebrated his last birthday ten

days early with a ride to PetSmart for his favorie snack. We had cake and icecream when we got home. 

Tommy's first Christmas with us in 2010. He just loved all his gifts and snacks. He and Caileigh even had their own little Christmas tree!

Tommy enjoying his new yard. Grass under the paws was so much better than the pavement in Philie.

Tommy Tidbits...

  • June 2011 - Tommy's DNA was donated to the Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium.  For 2 years, the CHCC would focus on unraveling the genetic causes of several cancers, including melanoma. 

  • ​​August 17, 2011 - Caileigh & Tommy attend their first pet blessing. It was such a hot day! The blessing was held outdoors under a tent and all the animals received water and snacks. The minister held a wonderful ceremony and blessed each pet.

  • Tommy appeared in the Nov/Dec 2011 Issue of Great Scots Magazine. We were very excited and wanted to share his story with Scottie lovers world-wide.  

  • October 2, 2011 - Tommy & Caileigh attended another Pet Blessing in celebration of St.Francis of Asisi. Tommy wasn't too thrilled about the holy water sprinkled on him, but I told him "We need as much help as we can get."

  • A trip to Lake Erie - The kids always had a good time taking a stoller ride through the park at the lake. Tommy seemed fascinated with the water.

  • Tommy enjoyed going to work with me! He was just a sociable kind of guy. He would sit in my chair or stretch out on the floor. He always came prepared with a blanket, toys and snacks. He even appeared dressed as Santa Claus in 2011.

  • PetSmart - The destination of choice for shopping (at least for Cailiegh & Tommy). The kids were always a big hit when we shopped at various store locations.

  • Tommy had a fund set up at ​The Morris Animal Foundation's Cure Canine Cancer Campaign website. The fundraising proceeds were to be donated to help in the prevention, treatment and the ultimate goal to cure cancer in dogs. Thank you to the many friends of mine and Tommy who donated to his fund.

I'm a Very Quiet Guy

Tommy was a very quiet guy - until he wanted his dinner! Then he would Arf and Arf until he was served.

I'm an Easy Going Guy

Tommy could get comfortable anywhere. If you couldn't find him, just look around the house - he'd be sleeping on the sofa, the bed, the recliner or even sitting in the computer chair. He could jump!

I'm a Friendly Guy

Tommy was a character! Once he was used to his new yard, he liked to explore. One day he decided to take a stroll to meet the neighbors who were outside - "Hi my name is Tommy. I'm your new neighbor. I just moved in with the Maroney's."

Why I'm the Best Scottie Ever

My Favorite Things 

About Tommy

Who doesn't love a wagon ride? Tommy

and Caileigh just couldn't get enough!